Retreat, Regenerate, Renew

I am feeling called to burrow deep within myself for a while.

When I want to step back, slow down and reset, I like to do daily rituals.  Any rhythmic activity is soothing for the nervous system. 

Plus, the ancients knew that rituals guide us beyond the limitations of our brains. They knew that rituals had the power to take what was on the inside and manifest it on the outside.

retreat regenerate renew yoga rituals

Rituals do something else besides soothe us, and help manifest our intentions.  

They can help us experience focused passion.  

Passion is what gets us out of bed and makes our day productive and keeps us weird – in a good way.  

A 2005 study found that pursuing our passion is essential to happiness. When we put our attention on what we care about, we become conscious creators of our lives.

According to the Passion Test, we can only really get our heads around 5-7 items at a time.  So it’s best to write a list of 10 passions, and then narrow it down to about 5.

Let’s say you start with Relationships, Health, Home and then some that are very personal to you.  For me its raising my child, supporting moms and moms-to-be and  connecting with teachers. If you can’t think of any, say it this way: “When my life is ideal, I am __________________”. 

Then, compare each one to the rest of the list, and take the winner each time.  Go through the whole list that way until you have 5-7.

To retreat, regenerate, and renew for 30 days, pick a ritual for each one.

For health: maybe a green smoothie or nurturing breath meditation or 2 glasses of warm water upon waking…

For spiritual connection: a one minute meditation where I just invite spaciousness in.

For raising a child, I love starting every day asking them: “what do you want to create today?”  Or at the end, going over “gratitoodles.” This teaches them that they have a lot of power to choose how they will experience life.

Pick a ritual that seems enjoyable to you and also incorporate a particular passion. Retreat, regenerate and renew.

retreat regenerate and renew yoga

My philosophy teacher used to say: the universe speaks in symbolism.  

Rituals convey our deep desires to the universe. If you believe that there’s support out there, let it be known through ritual what your heart longs for. Sometimes, these bigger forces seem to rise up to help us birth it into the world.

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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