8 Tips for Moms to Retain Your Sanity (or find it again if it’s gone)

1. Find a new mom buddy to call and share poop and nap stories. Nobody else is as interested in exactly what your little one is up to as another new mom.

2. Set up a park date with a bunch of moms you know every week. At least one will probably make it there so you can enjoy some grown-up talk.

3. Find a Mom Yoga+Baby class so you can move your body while connecting with your baby, and meet other moms.

new moms

4. Find a mommy support group (there’s a great one at www.BiniBirth.com) or a breastfeeding support group (Glendale Memorial, La Leche League, Pump Station). Go.

5. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Even if you’re not tired, lie down. Your body rests when you are still.

6. Leave the dishes in the sink. Leave the laundry undone. Ask someone to bring you a meal. Ask them to make it healthy – cooked lentils, veggies and rice is great. Your job for now is to keep your baby as happy as possible, so let the rest go. Put a sign on the door for visitors that says “Please ask what you can do to help.” Most people want to help, they just don’t know what to do.

7. Traditional Indian culture has a saying: “The first 42 days determines the health of the mother for the next 42 years.” Take care of yourself. Or rather, ask others to take care of you (or at least the laundry, dishes, and food prep).

8. Rub yourself down with coconut oil before your shower at least 3 times a week. It seeps in to the system and is very healing and hydrating for the body (you can use this or almond oil on the baby).

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