8 Tips for Moms to Retain Your Sanity (or find it again if it’s gone)

Because being at home with a new baby can be stressful, isolating and overwhelming, here are 8 tips for moms to retain your sanity through those first few months… and beyond. 

I remember my first 11 day pediatric appointment. My husband was at work, and it was the first time I was trying to put my baby in to the car seat and get all of her supplies together and actually get out of the house.

Long story short – she pooped, I had to go deal with that, then she cried, then I cried. 

I called my birth teacher for support and she said “Jessica, is your baby healthy?” I said yes. She said “go back to bed.” And we did!

Sometimes you just need a little mom tip  to change your day – and your mindset.

These 8 tips for moms to retain your sanity are ours.

1. Find a new mom buddy

Find a new mom buddy to call and share poop and nap updates. Nobody else is as interested

tips for moms to retain your sanity

in exactly what color your baby’s poop is than another new mom. You can also set up time to take care of each other’s babies, so you have an hour here and there to yourself.

2. Set up a park date

Try to get a bunch of moms you know together every week. At least one will probably make it there so you can enjoy some grown-up talk. 

3. Find a postpartum yoga class

You might be thinking “ugh, my body, I’m not ready, my baby will make noise, everything hurts” or fear-based thoughts like that.

What if you were to put yourself first?

“this will feel good, if my baby needs me it’s probably ok to stop, I’m sure if I’m feeling this way others are too.”

Mom Yoga is a safe space for you to come be with baby – changes and feeds are just part of it – and do some strengthening, releasing, grounding yoga in the moments in between. It’s a wonderful way to move your body while connecting with your baby, and meeting other moms. 

On those days that feel hard to get out of the house – our expert Ma Yoga teachers come to you! Join a friendly, small, live online Postpartum Yoga class – in your own living room. Click here to try one for free. 

4. Find a mommy support group

tips for moms to retain your sanity

Mommy groups can be a lifesaver. I remember my Monday new mom support group. Our wonderful group leader would have a different theme each time – I remember “Tears: Yours and Theirs”. She’d spread a blanket down and we’d just sit on the floow and talk – and then be served a wonderful home cooked meal!

If you can’t find a Mom Support Group, check out a breastfeeding support group at a nearby hospital or Moms Club in your city.

And as always, for those times when you’d rather just chill at home but you still want to feel nurtured – become a Ma Yoga Living Member so you can check in with a postpartum doula and get the support and guidance we all need.

We have a wonderful, interactive community with parenting experts and we even hop on Zoom once a month so we can connect, have fun, and give you tips for moms that can change everything.

5. Rest when your baby sleeps.

Even if you’re not tired, lie down. Your body rests when you are still. Just try not to fidget, close your eyes, and focus on the space between the thoughts. Let’s not call it meditating, but… whatever you call it, it’s a powerful reset for your nervous system to just close your eyes and breathe.

6. Prioritize what you do

Leave the dishes in the sink. Leave the laundry undone. Ask someone to bring you a meal. Ask them to make it healthy – cooked lentils, veggies and rice is great. Your job, for now, is to keep your baby as happy as possible, so let the rest go. 

Put a sign on the door for visitors that says “Please ask what you can do to help.” Most people want to help, they just don’t know what to do. Practice asking.

7. Take care of yourself

Traditional Indian culture has a saying: “The first 42 days determines the health of the mother for the next 42 years.” 

Take care of yourself. If you’re not sure how, join us for Mayurveda: Living Ayurveda for Busy Women to learn self-care, daily rhythm, and food-as-medicine practices you can do even on the craziest of days.

8. Coconut oil massage

Rub yourself down with coconut oil before your shower.

It seeps in to the system and is very healing and hydrating for the body (you can use this or almond oil on the baby).

Make sure it’s organic, extra virgin food grade as your body “eats” it.

This is one of the most essential Ayurvedic anchor practices.

Remember these 8 tips for moms to retain your sanity.

Need help reconnecting with yourself? 

We give up a lot as new moms – our ability to take a weekend off… our work and social life and most loved routines… even our sense of ourselves as someone who can complete a task.

Sometimes we can’t even remember who we are, with all of this gone. 

If you’re feeling like your old identity is gone and you’re not sure who you are now, read How To Reconnect with Yourself to get some ideas on how to reconnect with your most authentic, powerful and wise “Ma” Self.

Remember, every stage gets easier. Being a mom is a long, step-by-step journey to waving goodbye as they go off to live their lives on their own. 

It sounds depressing, but it can be useful to remember that before you know it, they’ll be slamming their bedroom door.

Find practices, projects, and activities that feel meaningful to you. Do a little bit each week, so you always have something to go and do that has nothing to do with your little one.

And remember, it just keeps getting easier and better. My daughter is 15 and sometimes, when she’s in a REALLY good mood, she plays with my hair. : ) 

Enjoy this time – and remember, take care of YOU first.

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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