Yoga Mom: How to Open to Possibility

A fabulous, passionate yoga mom who took my prenatal teacher training this weekend happens to have 11 children. Not 11 kids in her class or anything, 11 of her own children.

I was having a hard time imagining how that happened (I mean, I knew the basics, but…) so I asked her about it. She laughed and said “Children are so wonderful I don’t know how people stop!” and then she said, “I guess they just have that math conversation, about college and other things. We just never went there.”

I looked into her beautiful, wise eyes and knew she was the guru for me in this moment, telling me something I needed to hear.

I felt the Divine in this moment was saying to me, “up the ante on your possibility, Jess.”

Yoga talks a lot about opening to possibility. No, I’m not saying we should all have more kids. But I am saying that we all have desires that might seem illogical, and we have to be really conscious not to be imagining what’s possible for us from our small, logical, limited side.  We have to get closer to the unlimited, expansive part of ourselves if we want to receive what we long for.

Daily yoga and meditation practice can help us move into that bigger, open-minded and hearted Self, so we can envision more possibility for ourselves, thus putting us on the road to the life want to live.

So instead of thinking “maybe this will actually work out,” we might think, “maybe this will be one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.”

And instead of “maybe I’ll be able to do this,” we can think, “maybe I will discover my greatest gifts within this challenge.”

Why bring the awareness of the biggest possibility at all to our day? When we see it, when we imagine it, when we say it – we make it possible. When we don’t, it’s easy to say yes to other options or not lay the foundation for what we’re wanting to manifest, or be staring right at the road that would lead us to our biggest dreams, but go some other way.

So let’s jack it up a notch this week mama, shall we?  What’s possible for you?  What’s the grandest, hugest, most wild possibility that you can get your head around this week?

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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