Say No To Life: How Yoga Principles Helped me Buy a House

Say No To Life: How Yoga Principles Helped me Buy a House

Say No To Life: How Yoga Principles Helped me Buy a House

I’m feeling good today. We are in escrow on a house, and while anything could still happen, I decided to trust and take a moment to celebrate and reflect.

How did we do this in this crazy market, not being rich? For me, the answer lies in yoga principles, and for me it was about learning to say no.

I used to be addicted to stretching. Stretching or reaching or expanding on the mat can be seen a metaphor for saying yes to life: saying yes to the universe, yes to sharing our gifts, yes to our intention. All good.

When I came across the alignment-based yoga that I eventually fell in love with, trained in, and co-created Ma Yoga from, my teachers made me back out of the stretch and use more of my strength.

Instead of just opening in all directions, I learned to open along specific vector lines in the body. By stabilizing certain muscles, I freed up other ones.

I was learning to resist, I was creating boundaries, I was standing strong. In a way, I was finally saying no to life also.

Now I try to say no to everything that doesn’t have the energy I want for my life (and my family’s). I say no to attitudes and perspectives within me that don’t put me in my most powerful, loving, and wise self.

And I say no, whenever possible, to houses and jobs and relationships that don’t help me feel at peace. Even if I have no idea what other options – if any – may arise, now I try and stand strong and say no.

I am finding that saying no opens up space for the universe to offer gifts we literally can’t imagine.

In Sanskrit, this practice is called “neti, neti”, which is often translated as “not this, not that.” It’s actually a mantra meditation you can do anytime: just close your eyes, and softly repeat “neti neti” (sounds like neti pot) as a loving response to every thought that arises. This powerful meditation will put you in a space of knowing that there is always more to us, and life, and possibility than what is in our awareness right now.

And Mama, get on your mat this week – to manifest more goodness in your life by saying no with your body to everything except what your heart is saying a resounding YES to!

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