Ma Yoga Mom: Happiness is in the Both

Yoga, from the same root as “yoke”, is the choice to connect things together for more beauty, goodness, and truth. Remembering that seemingly irreconcilable truths can exist at once helps me be a yoga mom, which means I’m more at east with how things are.

For instance, “I am so enjoying being a mom. And I want to throw something.” You know it can be both!

happiness yoga

How often do we try to make something only one thing? It was nice, it was terrible, I want this or that. This is who I am, I can’t do that.

Here are some of the ways we can yoke two complimentary opposites together so we can find more ease with our family, our work, and ourselves:

access strength and be gentle with it

ground hips down and lift chest up

have a plan and be in the moment

embrace the bliss and the stress of each thing

use masculine logic and feminine intuition

hug your thighs toward each other and move them apart at the same time

know we have everything we need within us, and that we need each other to thrive

be generous while standing strong in the value of your gifts

remember that life is finite and relax into the infinite love you feel moving through you

dream big and live your life in the small moments

happiness yoga

eat mostly living foods and enjoy a cookie here and there

and practice serenity within chaos by getting on your mat!

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!
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