Ma Yoga Living Tip from Lauren Horn, Certified Ma Yoga® Prenatal Yoga Instructor


My Yoga Tip for Moms-to-Be

Lauren Horn Prenatal Teacher TrainerI discovered yoga in 2003 with the intention to relieve chronic low back pain and it worked! It worked not just on my physical health but mental and emotional health as well. I valued the positive change it created in my life so much that I had to share it with others. In 2006 I became a certified yoga teacher and since then I have taught beginners to advanced yogis and babies to octogenarians.

During my first pregnancy, I wanted to know as much as possible about birth so I completed a doula training with Childbirth International. I believe that my yoga practice, birth education, nutrition, chiropractic care, and midwife contributed to my positive birth experiences. So my passion is to empower mothers to research their own options and utilize the abundance of resources as they prepare for birth. Reaping the benefits of this education and my yoga practice during pregnancy and birth inspired me to specialize in this magical and uniquely feminine experience. Choosing to further my prenatal yoga education so that I could enrich my classes led me to Jessica at Ma Yoga. The wisdom and experience I’ve gathered from these teachings and the community is more than I ever expected to find in a prenatal yoga teacher training.

In my prenatal yoga classes, I blend alignment based yoga, birth anatomy and physiology, as well as birth education through the lense of yoga philosophy. My practices focus on building strength in a mama’s body, mind and her community to maximize the comfort, confidence and connection that is so important during this time. Mama’s flexibility in body and mind is equally important so she is physically prepared for birth and mentally open to experiencing herself in a new way and ready to emotionally soften into her new role and responsibility.

After baby is here, I know how important it is for mamas to have a supportive environment to heal. Using the I CAN methods from Ma Yoga I was able to heal a mild form of pelvic organ prolapse after the birth of my second baby. I love teaching Mom + Baby yoga classes because I believe that exposing children to yoga at a young age teaches them the healing power of movement. Honestly, I really loves babies!

I was born and raised in Orange County and I love to get out in nature and camp with my family. I enjoy learning so reading and attending workshops was a favorite pastime before having kids. With two little ones keeping me very busy, I’ve now found a new enjoyment in listening to podcasts and teaching workshops. Oh, how motherhood makes us grow!!! As a yoga teacher trainer for 200-hr Cloud Nine Yoga Trainings and 85-hr Ma Yoga Prenatal Trainings, as well as The Yoga of Birth online course, it is an honor to guide budding teachers on a journey of changing lives one breath at a time.

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