Pelvic Floor Disorders

with Dr. Erin Mellano Uro/Gynecology, UCLA Medical Center

Prolapse, Leakage, Pain and Diastisis Recti – Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor!

We tend to keep our pelvic floor issues pretty private.

But up to 85% of women experience some kind of condition like leakage or prolapse.

Dr. Mellano specializes in pelvic floor disorders and provides recommendations for treatment from physical therapy, yoga, kegels, and products, or surgery.

In her short presentation she explains prolapse, leakage, and rectus diastasis. (

She also addresses specific questions and discusses ways to prevent and treat different issues that arise.

Let’s get these issues out in the open and share information, support and guidance for preventing and treating them.

Hope you enjoy this video!

Prevent and Support Healing for Pelvic Floor Issues

The best way to deal with pelvic floor issues is by not getting them.

In Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga classes, you’ll learn to both strengthen and relax your pelvic floor, as well as tone your core in a way that helps prevent rectus diastasis, but keeps space for baby.

Diastasis recti. Abdominal muscle diastasis after pregnancy pregnancy and childbirth.

After baby comes, you’ll likely have some amount of abdominal wall split. In our Mom + Baby/ Mom Yoga classes, we’ll teach you how to align in crunches so you won’t make things worse, and so you can gently “weave” your abdominals back together again.


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