Pregnancy in the Time of Covid

with Dr. Revana Lukman, Ob/Gyn, UCLA Medical Center

Covid has changed so much – let’s talk about pregnancy, labor, & postpartum

In this presentation and Q&A, Dr. Revana Lukman, UCLA Ob/Gyn, answers questions for moms-to-be about Covid – including:

  • How does Covid-19 affect pregnant women?
  • Can I transmit Covid-19 to my baby?
  • What happens if I develop Covid-19 while I’m pregnant?
  • How has Covid-19 changed prenatal visits, labor and delivery care, and postpartum care?
  • What can I do to prevent Covid-19?

What about stress?

Pregnancy is full of physical, emotional, and life changes, and thus causes stress. It can feel isolating and overwhelming. Add in the fears around Covid plus quarantine and it’s no wonder that anxiety for pregnant mamas is at an all-time high?

Stress hormones like norepinephrine affect both mom and baby, and we know that stress is the #1 risk factor for negative birth outcomes like premature birth.

Studies show that prenatal yoga not only relieves stress, it also relieves common pregnancy aches and pains, and helps women feel more relaxed about labor.

In Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga classes, you’ll learn to both strengthen and open so you can make space for baby, and access the power you’ll need to get baby out.

Our classes are on Zoom so it’s super easy, friendly, and fun to click in and do yoga together in our own living rooms!

Book your first FREE Prenatal Yoga class with us here and receive your free ebook, The Yoga of Pregnancy.

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