Becoming a Beginning Teacher Again by Jessea Wiedeman, Certified Ma Yoga Instructor

I have been teaching yoga for several years now. My students come in all different sizes, genders, age groups, and levels. I have always loved being able to help people and find that through my classes I am able to do just that.

Sometimes as a yoga teacher you forget two things:

One is that not everyone is going to like the style of your teaching and two, you forget to continue to be a student of the practice. I felt this way for a little over a year about the avenue of what type of yoga I wanted to focus on teaching, and how I could get more experience to be able to feel confident in my teaching skills. This is when I found Ma Yoga.

My 200 hour yoga teacher and mentor, Jamie Hanson was the one to refer me to this type of Certification. I had my eyes on wanting to learn more about prenatal yoga and how to reach a wider audience.

I had put it off for months due to so much in my personal life, that it became the excuse not to pull the trigger and start this program. I’ve always had a struggle to pay for things that invest in myself, so that was not helping either.

After convincing myself to just jump in, Iknew I was listening to my intuition. Starting a training program during your everyday life is hard in general, so one would think virtual classes would be a walk in the park, but it’s actually your responability to have the motivation to show up and take full advantage of being part of this community.

This was where I had to continuously remind myself that any class missed, I would have to make up on my own time and watch the recordings; again having to gain the drive to put the world aside for several hours and take my education seriously. Growing confident in being able to teach moms-to-be had a lot of built up anxiety for me.

You want to be able to answer every question your student has for you, make sure you get them in a safe space and pose, and be able to speak to all trimesters, including postpartum. I am the type of teacher who fights my ego constantly with wanting to answer questions to feel like I know something, but will be the first to say “great question, I actually don’t know, but I will find out for you.”

During my training with Jess I felt true to staying humble and treating this like I was a beginner teacher again and absorbing all this knowledge like a sponge, and yes there was a lot of knowledge, many times of which I continue to revert back to my notes, because I don’t remember!

This journey with other teachers and mommas has been so incredibly fun and crazy to think in a blink of an eye, that I am teaching already in a prenatal class and have seen such a small community of birthing people grow so much.

I struggled hard in the beginning to resonate with the 5 sacred steps and how to continuously use them throughout my own practice when teaching, but now it helps me to remember why each step is helpful to gain the next. To teach these prenatal classes and hear my students open up about their birth, share and connect with others, and express how much my classes helped means the world to me.

I am so honored to be a part of this wonderful experience for them all and feel grateful for my own learning journey with Ma Yoga.

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