Community is a Much Deeper Need for Pregnancy

by Sarah Kate Bode, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor

I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant in 2021 after years of trying and being diagnosed with PCOS. I had received my 200 hour YTT certification in 2020 and knew how much yoga would help my changing and growing body, however, I couldn’t find any prenatal yoga courses or programs locally, I had just moved from a big city to a much smaller rural town and I just didn’t have a community yet.

I had a few books and basic knowledge and watched a few youtube channels that had prenatal yoga sequences, but realized community had become an even deeper need.

One of the main reasons I had wanted the community aspect is to have a safe space to ask questions and make sure that I was doing poses correctly (even though everyone’s body is different and it is all what feels best for you while making space for baby).

I am an educator and forever learner so I also love knowing how things work and be able to answer questions to the friends, family, and students that come to the mat. I know when I was pregnant with my first born I had A TON of questions! There is more than just the physical movements, there are meals and spice combinations and many other things that pregnant people and their loved ones can do to make it the best pregnancy ever and transition into parenthood! Even if that transition doesn’t go exactly to plan.

Through Ma Yoga I have found that community is a much deeper need for expecting and new parents than even I thought. It really does take a village and having people cheer you on through every crazy stage of pregnancy and parenthood makes all the difference. For my last step of the training program, I used the theme nurture for my first prenatal class.

Sarah kate Bode pregnancy community ma Yoga

When writing my sequence and plan, I thought of my own mother and how I would not have been able to be my best self without her help and support after a very rough birth. I had a pretty smooth pregnancy but that last 48 hours before my son was born I was pre-eclamptic. I was terrified but extremely thankful to have her and my husband with me for the birth, he was 2 weeks early but ready to make his appearance.

I joke that he knew I needed his Grandma to be there. He was born on Sunday morning, that Monday the hospital went back to it’s COVID policy of only having one additional person in the hospital room with mom and new baby. She and my husband supported me through a long birth process with many tests and lots of fear. Luckily he was born perfect, but I needed some extra nourishment to get back to normal. 

Yoga has let me move my body, take some (much needed) time for myself, in community even though I’m home. It is much more than just a workout, but a whole mindset and lifestyle of love and recognition of the different elements that make up being a Ma.

Now that my son is getting a little brother soon, I am still nervous after my first son’s traumatic birth, but I feel so much more grounded and conscious of all the little things that go towards building my little baby and growing my family.

With my training I have also been able to offer this knowledge and support to my surrounding communities. I’m currently planning a prenatal and mothers group with my local gym that I already teach for and we are really excited about this opportunity. I am so incredibly thankful for finding this program and being able to bring some peace of mind to myself during my second pregnancy journey and the support I can give to others in my area. 

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