How the Five Sacred Steps Changed Me

by Rasha Ali, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor

I love yoga and I was practicing it for 4 years when stopped for 5 years after I had my daughter. I always felt in peace during yoga sessions more focused and relaxed.

I had been going through lots of stress and anxiety, that caused me many issues like low back pain (scoliosis), insomnia, eating disorder and I lost my focus on daily life routine. I started some therapy sessions to help me keep on track.

One day, I was lying on my coach thinking of what I need to bring peace again to my life. Reiki came first to my head then yoga followed it. Amazing how things can attract each other, I do believe in the law of attraction in our universe! My yoga journey restarted again by working with a personal trainer online, and I thought to myself that I wanted to become a yoga teacher.

After six months of private online sessions, I took the step and started looking for an online yoga course. The reason why I chose a prenatal yoga course is to provide different services to my pregnant moms as a doula and a CBE. Ma Yoga popped out in my google search, and from the title I knew it would have a relation with energy and mother nature, so I took a quick look into the website to have a better clue.

From Prenatal Yoga to Yoga of Healing then Birth Yoga and finally Mayurveda, with each training I learned something new and different from the other courses in the Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification program.

Still there was a connection between all the four which is the “Five Sacred Steps” as Jessica loves to call them (based in the 5 elements of nature).

There was always space to make – to Find our Feminine – in the pose for more breathing, and of course with good and healthy breathing we heal!

Then, Sourcing our Strength by connecting to Earth helps us feel more steadiness and to create a strong container for our baby. This happens naturally by engaging our muscles and giving ourselves a hug with them.

After bringing our strength into a pose, we need to release some stress and enjoy that pose by doing a Divine Dance like water – sometimes called making a butt.

Then we Ground our Power by rooting and connecting to core support in a pose – this is Sacred Step Four in Ma Yoga.

Finally, comes Offering by making a full stretch or expanding and extending just like air.The Sacred Steps taught me how to be aligned with and connected to mother nature, find my strength within myself, my body and brain, to focus on the moment and to enjoy it and then share all that with my circle of family, friends, clients and community.

Today after completing the whole program, I am feeling more peace, joy, receptive, open with gratituderasha ali to every moment I live. My low back pain has disappeared, no more insomnia or nightmares, even my eating habits are getting better. There is no specific element that I prefer the most because I feel that all the five sacred steps work together in harmony with ourselves and our spirits.

I loved how Jessica in some classes at the beginning linked the chakras with what we do in Ma Yoga. That brought me back to my reiki practice and gave me a boost to use gemstones in my daily yoga practice.

Thank you, Jessica and your lovely community of teachers and mamas.

For those who are reading these lines before starting their Ma Yoga, I wish you a very nourished experience full of wisdom and joy.

For more info about Rasha Ali, please go to Amani

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Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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