Summer Pregnancy: 5 Tips for Handling Heat for You and Baby

Ahhhh summer pregnancy. Lying by the pool, taking a break from life, enjoying cool drinks brought to us by people who think we are hot.

Summer Pregnancy: beat the heat

Said no one with a summer pregnancy ever.

If you’re pregnant, you know being a “hot mama” can mean only one thing: misery. 

And baby’s a few degrees hotter than us, so it’s even more important to stay cool.

These 5 Ma Yoga tips are rooted in Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, which teaches: like increases like

This simple truth is at the foundation of this 5,000 year old medical system, and it’s the basis for simple self-care practices that can help us balance out our system, whether we’re talking about hot vs. cold, openness vs. boundaries, stillness vs. movement – and many other complimentary opposites.

Because of the extra weight of baby, plus the extra fluid we’re carrying, as well as the extra work the heart has to do to pump the additional blood throughout the body, we can work up a sweat just walking around.

And we’re not just talking about simple temperature. In Ayurveda, “heat” energy can build up emotionally as intensity. It can rise up (the way heat does) and create headaches. We can get red-faced, frustrated, and even blow our top.

We might find ourselves getting angry in response to the smallest things.

We can start looking for that acidic quality in our body and our emotions – especially when hormones are already out of whack. Pay attention to situations getting inflamed (or “heated”).

So how do we find more chill for a summer pregnancy?

We bring cool into our life.

Let us count 5 easy ways…

Tip #1 for a Summer Pregnancy:

Schedule a play date with yourself once a week.

Write it into your calendar: beach day, pool day, or just do something wonderfully UNproductive.Summer pregnancy - beat the heat

This is the important part: play is not about trying to achieve a result. It’s about chilling.

If you can’t think of anything, think of a nice place and go with a plan to do absolutely nothing. A nearby park or even just a cool room in your house.

Take a break.

Tip #2 for a Summer Pregnancy: 

Stick your feet in cold water. 

At the end of the day (or several times throughout), find a pail and fill it with cold water.

Sit with your feet in it.

Splash around. Feel the heat dissipating from your head.


Have a kiddie pool? Perfect.

You don’t need little ones around to play in it.

No kiddie pool or pail? Run a cool bath.

Sit on the edge or why not? Soak in it.

Tip #3 for a Summer Pregnancy:

Eat and drink what cools you.

First and foremost – drink water.

While there isn’t much you can do to change your pregnancy – we get the pregnancy we get, and we get the birth we get – baby is floating in fluid and one of the most important actions you can take is to make sure you drink a huge glass of water every two hours that you’re awake, to make sure there’s plenty.

According to Ayurveda, ice can actually increase the heat in our body, because it gets our inner heating system going. Cool water is best.

But sometimes – we justMa Yoga - summer pregnancy - beat the heat with watermelon need something cold.

Freeze some watermelon and enjoy a popsicle.

Put frozen fruit in the blender with just a splash of almond milk and some protein powder and eat it with a spoon. Yum!

What foods to eat? According to Ayurveda, some foods are cooling and some are heating.

Obviously, spicy foods increase heat in the body, so avoid them. Even warm spices like ginger and garlic can wait til you cool down.

Leafy greens and green plants are like injecting air conditioning into the blood.

avoid burnout in summer - summer pregnancy - green smoothie

Pick some dandelions (make sure they’re not sprayed) and nibble the leaves.

Or buy some mint, throw a bunch in a water pitcher in the fridge and then eat the leaves as you drink.

Of course, green smoothies are my number one favorite way to get greens into my body first thing in the morning.

Tip #4 for a Summer Pregnancy: 

Do a coconut oil self-massage.

Coconut oil is cooling according to Ayurveda, and it makes your skin super soft as well.

Rub organic, extra virgin coconut oil vigorously into your skin (think getting it into the deeper tissues) before the shower, and your body will “drink it”.

Rub it into your scalp at night to truly feel a delicious cooling sensation, and as your energy settles, you’ll feel ready for bed.

Just have a towel on your pillow…

Tip #5 for a Summer Pregnancy:

Do less, envision more.

Summer is the season of light.

Light always represents clarity, insight, and vision.

Take some time out from being productive to envision your next chapter.

Picture how you want to spend your time… how you want to feel… and what support you’ll need in place to have the experience you want.

This goes for reaching out now to friends to ask them for their help later… making sure you have a whole team of support people in your phone… and even routines and practices that help you let go and chill.

This summer, spend more time picturing your next year, and less time trying to make it happen right now. Lie down as if you’re going to take a nap. Walk barefoot in grass.

Remember, your summer pregnancy will end, and you will be in a new season on every level.

Take the time to choose the real and metaphorical seeds you want to plant for your next year.

May your seeds of intention grow in fruitful, beautiful and nurturing abundance.

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Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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