Prepare for Becoming a Mom: A Map to Your “Inner GPS” (the koshas)

If you’re already a mom, you know it’s true:  there’s no way to fully understand how difficult postpartum is until you’ve been through it.

I’ve definitely tried to prepare my prenatal yoga students for becoming a mom. I’ve talked about my years making movies, where people work as if it’s life or death for 14-hour days.

I said, “becoming a mom is like working like this but because it’s actually life or death for this little being, it’s even more stressful – and you never got to go home in between work hours, and you wake up every couple hours to work, and you do this for 6 months.”

People just looked at me like I was just doing it wrong.

I’ve explained to students that before I had a baby, I understood that becoming a mom would mean no more spontaneous trips or even easy nights out with my honey.

What I hadn’t understood was that I wouldn’t get to shower and do yoga when I needed to.

People thought, “Yeah, but I am amazingly productive and I know I can make it all work and still keep my toes pedicured and the dishes done all by myself.”

Becoming a mom is something that’s really hard to prepare someone else for.

But you CAN do somethings to prepare yourself, if you choose to do so.

Here are some important ways you can be more ready for becoming a mom:

  • a breastfeeding class – this is not instinctive for us, it’s really something we need to learn from other mamas
  • a birth prep class that includes postpartum, so we understand what’s happening and can relax about it (we have one here)
  • talk to a 3 birth doulas, and see if you feel like a good time – and if they make a postpartum visit
  • have a Birth Plan plus Birth Intentions that includes your preferences for after baby is in your arms
  • ask for help – practice in advance, as this is a skill many of us lack. Ask people if they’ll come by and help with dishes.
  • find a mom community in advance – Google your local mom’s club, La Leche or other breastfeeding groups, and mom yoga classes. Online communities like Ma Yoga’s are another way to feel supported and get questions answered – without having to pack up baby and all the gear and drive somewhere.

In addition to these important ways to prepare for becoming a mom, yoga offers something that I found to be essential and life-changing: have a daily practice that connects you to your inner wisdom.

If you think there’s a lot of advice, suggestions and recommendations coming at you when you’re pregnant – wait til you’re a mom.

It can be overwhelming.

In Ma Yoga, we talk a lot about your “inner GPS”, a part of you that knows which direction feels harmonious, and which choices just don’t feel right.

It’s a quiet voice within, and it takes practice to hear it.

A consistent meditation practices helps you shift your attention from the crazy amount of input from outside, and learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body, mind and heart.

When we’re just busy, pushing through our day, we can forget there’s more to us than the racing thoughts, the To Do list, and the anxious, ungrounded feeling that comes with going from task to task.

And then suddenly we have to make all these big choices for our baby from all the chaotic thoughts, and we can feel lost and confused. Sometimes it’s easier to just do things the way someone else tells us to – and this is what can lead to regret.

While it’s not easy to connect to this intuitive inner knowing, yoga offers us a map.

According to yoga we have five “bodies” or “sheaths” (koshas).

You can picture them like concentric circles with the physical body made of tissue, bone, blood (the anamaya kosha, or “food body” – the more you eat the bigger this becomes).

5 "bodies" or "sheaths" (koshas) - becoming a momThe next level actually moves between all the levels – energy, or breath body (pranamaya kosha).

Then comes the mental and emotional body. This is where we spend most of our time, but without awareness that can bring us deeper: just lost in our thoughts (manomaya kosha).

But just beneath that lies our intuitive or wisdom body – vijnanamaya kosha.

This is the Inner GPS I’m talking about.

And yet, it’s one thing to hear it – it’s another thing to have the inner strength to follow it.

That’s where a consistent prenatal yoga practice that includes meditation prepares you like nothing else does for becoming a mom.

becoming a mom - prep by meditating

When we pause and listen in lovingly, and then begin to move with our breath, we are actually practicing living from our inner wisdom.

When we align the body and become more conscious of supporting an easeful flow of prana through the heart – that little voice gets louder.

During pregnancy, when we have extra motivation to nurture ourselves, it’s even easier to learn to listen in.

And if we do, once we’re a mom we can trust how we want to love and take care our little one, instead of comparing ourselves to others and wondering if we’re doing it right.

If you only have 2 minutes you can start your own daily practice. Try this simple, quick way to get out of your thoughts and into your “Wisdom Body”: a quick visualization you can do anytime that I call “Stepping Out of the River.”

If you have a little more time to prepare for becoming a mom in body, mind, and heart, allow yourself to be guided by experts in a customized, strengthening live online prenatal yoga session.

Take a class with an expert who will customize their cues for exactly where you are and what you’ll need – so you can be guided inward.

Whether you’re pregnant or a mom, moving prana and awareness through our body will help you move through the levels of your Self to find your deepest wisdom – your “Inner GPS.”

May you always “educate and meditate” – and ultimately make harmonious, authentic choices, guided from within.

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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