How To Create New Habits Now

Moms and Moms to be: Grab the Opportunity to Create New Habits

Whether you just found out you’re pregnant, or you are weaning… you are in a potent time of change.

Since everything is changing anyway right now, what about deciding to finally be that person you want to be? To make shifts, let go of old ways of being, create new habits? 

Whatever it is – exercising, gardening, start a blog – whatever that impulse has been directing you toward?  Just do it!

woman gardening - create new habits

OK, I’m kidding! If it were that easy, you would have done it a long time ago.  The truth is, from my experience, it’s darn near impossible to change old habits or create new habits… unless you know this trick.

This is the only thing I have found that can be stronger than our resistance to change.  This resistance, our ego, is what drives most of us our whole lives.  Not the healthy, Freudian ego that we want; I’m talking here about a part of ourselves that does nothing but protect us from change.

Here’s the thing: the ego is like a guard dog. He’s tied up on a porch and he’s trying to protect us from everything. He’s well meaning and kind of lovable, but he just wants to keep everything exactly as it is, or as he thinks it is.  He protects the stories that we hear in our heads: I am not enough; I can’t do it; I’m better than that; I’m not good at this; I need this.  Just stories.  But the dog – our ego – thinks they’re real.  Whatever has to be said to keep you from changing or creating new habits, the ego will bark it at you.  You don’t have enough money! Time! Creativity!  Whatever.

Now, on the other side of the porch, is a furry cat.  Happy, blissful, kind of passive; but kind of detached.  The cat doesn’t care about any outcome: she is happy just to notice things, smell the air, and let things be.  This cat is the Ground of Being – we access this part of ourselves when we close our eyes and go into the spaciousness of the heart.  She purrs when we pet her, but even when we don’t, she is full of love just being nearby.

If we make decisions from either of these places – well, we’re either going to be incredibly limited and maintain the status quo, or we’ll be pretty detached from life and won’t bother pursuing our desires.

So, what’s left?  You are sitting on those porch steps, perched, ready to meet the future as it walks up your path.  You can make decisions that will evolve you forward and continue to create new habits. You can have your beloved dog and cat behind you, but you must remember that it’s YOUR house.  Not only that, but now you have this new motivation: it’s your BABY’S HOUSE!

baby learning to crawl - create new habits

You notice an area in the yard where beautiful flowers are wanting to come up – you get up and clear the way, weeding and making space.  You can be open to beauty, goodness and truth where it may arise, and encourage it, in a way that you never were before.

But sometimes we try to get up and the dog barks and we sit down again… and the cat purrs and we think maybe we’ll just hang out.  But then.. nothing will change.  So…


Your behaviors, attitudes even your thoughts – are paving the way for your child.  What you do now is laying the tracks for his or her train to ride on.  No matter what you say, what you teach, it’s who you are that is going to have the greatest effect.  Your baby will learn to move by being around you; learn to breathe by feeling your breath; even your baby’s dreams will be nurtured by yours.

So, let that motivate you to take steps toward what your heart desires and begin today to create new habits.  Don’t let the ego dog keep you in fear.  Don’t let the cat just keep you in a state of passive existence.  Step into the Divine Feminine Self that you are: evolving Consciousness through you, as you.

And, for extra ease in making those decisions you want to make, remember this:

balanced nutrition - create new habits

It’s not just your child you are paving the way for, since we affect all that we come in contact with. It’s our communities, it’s our culture, it’s humanity evolving.  We are all connected.. and your choices affect us all. YOU are creating the next form that humanity will take, simply by being so awake.

What should it look like?  What changes have you been meaning to make?  Exercise?  Meditation? Food habits?  Pick one and do it this week…

Interested in reading more? Learn more about what it means to connect with your highest self.

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